August 23, 2023
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Forums will focus on long-range facility plan process

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As part of our facility planning process, we will host Facility Planning Community Forums to share information about our district-wide facility needs and development of a new 10-year facility plan to address those needs.

Our four high schools, which range in age from 50 to 100 years old, continue to have numerous capital improvement needs. We are excited about developing a new 10-year facility plan. The plan will consider instructional best practice, safety and opportunities to connect and collaborate. Additional funding will be necessary to implement the new facility plan.

We look forward to sharing information at Facility Planning Community Forums at each high school. The community forums will be an open house format from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Glenbard East – September 20
  • Glenbard North – September 21
  • Glenbard West – September 27
  • Glenbard South – September 28

Please plan to join us.

Learn more at this link.

What We’ve Done: 

1.  2013 ten-year master facility plan

  • Comprehensive facility needs assessment and ten-year master facility plan identified $300 million in repairs.
  • Committee determined to pursue $100 million of primarily warm, safe & dry maintenance and upgrades.
  • Voters approved a $35 million bond referendum with a zero tax rate increase in 2014. $65 million was budgeted from annual operational funds.

2.  Facilities Work Completed

  • D87 exceeded commitment to community. $137 million of repairs and upgrades, with $102 million funded by annual operational dollars (no interest paid by taxpayers)
  • Average of $11.3 million annually from operating funds for necessary repairs and upgrades
  • Work included: new mechanical systems, air conditioning at Glenbard East and Glenbard West, roof and parking lot replacements, upgraded science labs, restroom upgrades, Glenbard West science classroom addition, energy efficient lighting and much more.

Developing the Next Plan

1.  Development of new 10-year facility plan

  • Necessary warm/safe/dry projects (roofs, parking lots, boilers, cooling units, etc.)
  • Safety and access upgrades (doors, hardware, entrances, access to administrative offices, etc.)
  • Renovation of science labs and restrooms
  • Wold Architects & Engineers and Performance Services, Inc. will maintain community asset.

2.  Space needed to address changing learning environments

  • Areas for Profile of Graduate learning experiences, including project development and student presentations.
  • Flexible student breakout collaborative work spaces, per longer instructional block periods
  • Versatile spaces for student clubs and community group events
  • Access to student resources, including college and career counseling
  • Efficient access to technology and tools
  • Wold Architects & Engineers and Performance Services, Inc. will maintain community asset.

Funding Sources

  • Through sound fiscal stewardship, we continue budgeting dollars for the new ten-year master facility plan.
  • Alternate revenue source (ARS) bonds will accelerate projects from the 2013 master facility plan, such as renovations to science labs and restrooms.
    • Our ARS bonds are expiring, and we have the opportunity to issue approximately $29 million of debt within our operating budgets.
    • Will not increase the district’s tax rate
  • A referendum is necessary to provide the remaining needed funds.

Key points:

  • Facility improvements are necessary to support instructional environments.
  • Without a large, one-time revenue source, some improvements are not possible.
  • Construction costs will increase, but efficient borrowing yields a high return on investment.
  • Instructional spaces demand attention, but lack of funding postpones improvements.
  • D87 facilities – particularly entrances, cafeterias and collaboration spaces – are behind peer districts.
  • In 2014, D87 committed to $100 million over 10 years; however, we exceeded that commitment by spending $137 million over the past 9 years ($35 million from 2014 referendum) while maintaining balanced budgets.