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January 9, 2022
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Larson outlines updated guidance re: quarantine, isolation

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

On January 7, 2022, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and DuPage County Health Department announced that they have adopted Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance for schools that changes the isolation and quarantine period.

Effective the week of 1/10/2022, Glenbard High School District 87 will implement the updated guidance. Therefore, staff and students’ return date from quarantine and/or isolation may change. Your new return date will be relayed to you via email so our nursing staff can apply guidance to each case and accommodate lunches. These emails will be sent on 1/10/2022. You must wait for this email before returning (you or your student) to school.

If a staff member or student is experiencing symptoms, they should not return early.  The school nurses will advise on the return date. Please report the symptoms to your school’s health office so they can advise you on the proper return date.

The mask requirements have not changed. Proper fitting and wearing (covering the nose and mouth) masks are still required.

Specific changes from the Illinois Department of Public Health can be found here.  They include:

A change to the number of isolation days from 10 days to 5 days. Isolation should occur when a person is diagnosed positive for COVID-19. Specifics can be found here.

A change to the number of quarantine days for close contacts. Quarantine should occur when a person is exposed to someone who is positive for COVID-19. Specifics can be found here.

Please refer to the Illinois Department of Public Health guidance for more details. 

Our schools will be reaching out via email on 1/10/2022 to identify new return dates for anyone who is already isolating or quarantining.  Please wait for these emails before contacting the school for a new return date. We will work quickly to reach out to each person individually. For individuals who are recommended for isolation and/or quarantine moving forward, the new  guidance will be followed.

Free, voluntary testing is available at all Glenbard schools, and we encourage everyone to consider testing in order to keep schools safe.  Please click here for more information about SHIELD testing in Glenbard.

Thank you to all our Glenbard families for their cooperation and support in keeping schools safe for students and staff.  This collective dedication is what makes keeping schools open and in-person learning our reality!

David F. Larson, Ed.D.