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December 4, 2020
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Pandemic Planning Committee discusses response to pandemic

The District-Wide Pandemic Planning Committee met on Dec. 2, 2020. This committee is comprised of parents, faculty, staff, administrators and Board of Education members. The committee welcomes input and suggestions. To submit feedback for the District-Wide Pandemic Planning Committee, please send an email to Superintendent Larson at [email protected]

The following were the discussion items at the Dec. 2 committee meeting.

Pandemic Planning Committee Purpose
The purpose of our planning teams is to review the current district response to the pandemic and to discuss and suggest changes and improvements regarding the various plans. The District-Wide Pandemic Planning Committee is an advisory committee.

Schools’ Pandemic Planning Committee Meetings Recap
Each of our high schools has a Pandemic Planning Committee that is comprised of parents, faculty, staff and administrators. A representative from each building committee provided a summary of their school’s committee meeting. Topics included daily schedule, safety protocols, instruction, student supports and technology. These advisory committees welcome input and suggestions, which should be emailed to the school principal.
Glenbard East Principal Antoine Anderson [email protected]
Glenbard North Principal John Mensik [email protected]
Glenbard South Principal Sandra Coughlin [email protected]
Glenbard West Principal Peter Monaghan [email protected]

Implementation Status Report
Committee members discussed:

  1. Our hybrid and remote schedules
  2. Social emotional supports and resources
  3. Review of calendar 
  4. Curriculum adjustments. We are focused on essential skills.
  5. Safety precautions

Next Steps
The committee plans to meet in late January 2021. Discussion items will include an update from each school’s Pandemic Planning Committee, survey results and contact tracing.

Committee members include:
Chris Gladish
Chris McClain
Chris Mitchell
Cindy Infelise
Colleen Jochum
Cyndi Covelli
David Larson
Ellen Szarzak
Eve Schneider
Janet Berger
Janet Cook
John Mensik
Kevin Sutton
Kim Lawler
Margaret DeLaRosa
Martha Mueller
Maureen Joiner
Meggan Burgoni
Melissa Creech
Mike Souza
Patrick McGill
Peg Mannion
Taff Nielsen
Terry Svoboda
Tina Saviano
Viraj Dhebar
Wade Hardtke