November 4, 2022
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School Day Model Study Update

Updated on 11/15/22

Our School Day Study Committee presented its school day model initial proposal to the Board of Education on Nov. 14. This was the result of 18 months of research and study by the committee to identify a model that would best meet our students’ needs. You may see the committee’s presentation at this link. You also may see a School Day Model Study Update handout from the Nov. 5, 2022 Board of Education workshop at this link.

On Nov. 3, we hosted a webinar about our school day model study. The webinar recording is available at this link.

On Nov. 5, the Board of Education held a workshop about our school day study. A recording of the workshop is available at this link. See the slideshow presentation from the Nov. 5 workshop at this link.

Also, please review the following information about our school day study:

  • In 2018, we created our Profile of a Graduate as a roadmap of the skills we want for all students.
  • In August 2021, a  School Day Committee of teachers and administrators was formed to study different school day models and compare them to our current schedule. The committee was charged with identifying the school day focus areas, which are identified below.


  1. Longer class time for deep and authentic student learning experiences.
  2. Adjusting the schedule to meet the physiological needs of students.
  3. Intentional student supports and extension of learning within the school day.
  4. More time for collaborative teacher instructional planning.


  • to develop the Profile of a Graduate skills: Thinks Critically, Creates, Embraces Diversity, Collaborates, Communicates, Self-Empowered
  • for scientific investigation, creating art, and other hands-on labs and experiences
  • for teachers to conference with students on their progress on projects, papers, and research
  • for deep learning experiences like debates, performances, speeches, guest speakers, and solving real problems
  • for project-based learning and student collaboration
  • to increase focus and slow the day down with fewer classes each day.

Top 5 Skills Needed for Jobs in 2020

  1. Complex Problem Solving
  2. Critical Thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People Management
  5. Coordinating with Others



  • Students need to access their teachers during the day.
  • Time for students to extend their learning
  • Time for grade-level specific information and updates
  • Students can make up tests and labs during the day.
  • Time for post-secondary planning and course enrollment
  • Time for teaching additional skills like executive functioning, media literacy, technology and social emotional learning


  • Longer classes in a block schedule = fewer classes in a day
    • Students can focus on 3-4 classes a day, with homework and studying for only those classes
    • 3 transitions and passing periods rather than 7
    • Fewer interruptions to manage during a day
  • Potentially later start time for improved student mental and physical health
  • Embedding student supports during the day gives guaranteed time for extra help and time for makeups.


  • Teachers need time to collaborate with other teachers who teach the same course.
  • Currently limited to 42 minutes on Monday afternoons
  • Mondays are often days off, so collaboration time is lost by having Professional Learning Community (PLC) time on Mondays.

School Day Study Process
February  2020: School day study agreement with Board of Education and the Glenbard Education Association (GEA).
August 2021: School Day Committee forms  after pandemic delay.
August 2021 – March 2022: Committee research on other area schools’ schedules.
November 2021: ThoughtExchange survey of students, families, staff and community for feedback on focus areas for School Day Committee.
February – March 2022: Teacher focus groups at each school for feedback.
February 7, 2022: School Day Committee update report to the Board of Education.
May – September 2022: Site visits to schools with schedules that address our focus areas. Naperville Central, Elk Grove, Downers South and Maine West.  Over 50 teachers and administrators attend for feedback and research.
October 12,  2022: School Day Committee update report to the Board of Education.
October-November  2022: Principals’ focus groups with students, staff and  families at East, West, North, South, Directions and Transitions for feedback.
November 3, 2022:  School Day community-wide webinar with feedback chat; posted to YouTube for additional access and translations.
November 5, 2022: Board workshop regarding school day model and feedback.

November 2022: Committee synthesizes research and feedback.
November 14, 2022: Committee presents school day proposal to Board of Education.
November-December 2022:  Inform stakeholders of plan and collect feedback.
January 2023: Board of Education votes on school day proposal.
January – August 2023: Develop implementation plan
August 2023: Earliest implementation date for school day changes.