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December 3, 2020
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Second semester calendar, choice of hybrid or remote

As we look ahead to second semester, we are hopeful that we can shift to hybrid, and we will continue to offer families the option for fully remote learning. Our learning models are designed so that we can efficiently pivot in response to changing public health scenarios. 

Choose Hybrid or Remote Learning Model
If you want to change your student’s learning model (hybrid or remote) for second semester, log into PowerSchool and select either the hybrid or remote learning model for your student(s) by Sunday, Dec. 13. Please note that this choice would be for the entire second semester. If your situation changes after Dec. 13, please contact your student’s counselor. If you choose remote now and later want to switch to hybrid, that change is dependent on space availability.  

Calendar and Weekly Schedule
For your planning purposes, review the weekly schedule below and the  second semester calendar, which includes days off, livestream schedules and in-person days for Hybrid group A and B students.

Weekly Schedule Second Semester

These are the schedules we plan to follow; however, if health department data indicates deteriorating health conditions, we will revert to fully remote learning as needed. Know that we are in constant communication with health officials, and we closely monitor regional health data. We will keep you apprised of any changes.

When conditions improve and the governor moves us to phase 5 of the Restore Illinois plan, we are prepared to shift to our traditional learning model of full-day, in-person instruction. 

Safety Tips
Remember to:

  • Avoid large gatherings, especially indoors;
  • Wear a mask whenever outside your home or around people not from your household;
  • Watch your distance, staying at least 6 feet from people outside of your immediate household; 
  • Wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer often; 
  • Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19; consult with your healthcare provider for medical evaluation and testing, as needed.