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June 29, 2020
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Superintendent discusses embracing diversity

As a white man, educator, father, son, neighbor and friend, I recognize and acknowledge the privileges that are afforded to me. While listening deeply and with empathy, I am committed to hearing and seeing our staff of color in order to understand their daily lived experiences inside and outside of Glenbard and the cultural tax they bear. As the leader of Glenbard District 87, I will do better, do more to ensure that our daily practices, policies and procedures contribute to the end of systemic racism. As I have mentioned before, our Profile of a Graduate provides clear guidance that we want each student to be able to create, communicate, think critically, collaborate, become self-empowered and embrace diversity.

Right now, I want to spotlight Embraces Diversity as a very important foundational piece of our collective work. Each of us must engage in dialogue with each other as well as those with different backgrounds. This must be done often to deepen and sustain understandings from multiple perspectives. When we listen with empathy, we are creating space for hope, healing and connection to occur.

Join me in asking the two questions on this flier often in the next few weeks. Later in the summer, I want to hear additional perspectives gained and shared in order to create a greater Glenbard community.

My team created this flier in the five most spoken languages in Glenbard, and shortly, the flier will be included in registration materials mailed to our students’ homes. It also will be available on our social media channels.

I would ask that you post this flier in your window to show our collective desire to embrace diversity. The inside facing page includes two questions for everyone in the home to discuss.

  • What perspectives or stories do we share about our lives with our neighbors on a regular basis?
  • How can we be intentional in building bridges about things we do not know about?

This conversation is a direct link to the description of Embraces Diversity in our Profile of a Graduate.

David F. Larson, Ed.D.

We Embrace Diversity flier

We Embrace Diversity Flier Page 2