March 1, 2023
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Superintendent highlights good news about public schools

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Updated on 3/8/23

Did you know that 50 million students attend 98,609 public schools across the country? These students receive a quality education thanks to the outstanding work of deeply dedicated teachers, administrators and support staff who are committed to preparing students for their future.

I am excited about our young people’s future because of the comprehensive education they are receiving. Public Schools Week, the week of Feb. 27, is a great time to pause and acknowledge the numerous contributions of public schools, administrators, teachers, specialists, support staff, families and school board members who support our country’s public school students.

The teaching and learning in our local K-12 public schools has a positive effect on students and families, as well as the neighborhoods and communities in which they live. Let’s look at some of the good news regarding education:

  • Illinois’ four-year graduation rate is 87%, according to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).
  • 80% of parents of children attending kindergarten through grade 12 are completely satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their oldest child’s education, according to Gallup. This is up from the 73% measured in 2021 and exceeds the average of 76% that Gallup has recorded since 2001.
  • Greater percentages of high school graduates in 2019 than in 2009 had completed algebra II (85 vs. 80 percent), precalculus/mathematical analysis (40 vs. 36 percent), and biology, chemistry and physics (35 vs. 30 percent), according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
    • 82% of Glenbard juniors are enrolled in advanced math and science classes, and 72% of seniors (Class of 2023) have taken or are currently enrolled in college-level coursework.
  • In the past 12 years, the percentage of U.S. public high school graduates who earned a passing score on at least 1 Advanced Placement Exam has increased, according to the College Board. A passing grade on the AP Exam can be eligible for credit at many colleges and universities.
    • Glenbard students are earning college credit through Advanced Placement at rates nearly double the state and national averages.
  • 75% of Glenbard District 87 students enroll in a 2-year or 4-year college, compared to 62% nationally.
    • 90% of Glenbard graduates who enroll in a 4-year college graduate in four years, compared to 63% nationally.
  • Schools throughout the region are adding more student services staff to meet students’ needs. In Glenbard, we’re also adding extracurricular opportunities, which foster a sense of belonging. We have had a 53% year-over-year increase for fall and winter participation in athletics and/or activities. We also approved 41 new clubs and 24 additional athletic levels. Students who are involved in their school have greater academic success.

Recently, the Illinois State Board of Education named Glenbard East teacher Gariecia Rose Illinois’ 2023 Outstanding Early Career Educator of the Year. Ms. Rose is a charismatic, inspiring and motivated educator. She is a great example of the caring, knowledgeable public school educators who make it their life’s work to prepare each student for the future they choose.

Students thrive when their teachers, staff and schools have the support and resources they need to be successful. I encourage you to celebrate the great job that your local public schools are doing in educating students and serving your community.

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Superintendent David Larson, Ed.D.

Superintendent David F. Larson, Ed.D.